E-con Systems announces 5 MP USB plug and play camera

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E-con Systems announces 5 MP USB plug and play camera

e-con Systems introduced a new camera e-CAM51_USB to deliver a novel experience in the world of photography. It comes with a 5-megapixel plug and play camera module with features like Autofocus. It is built with OmniVision’s CMOS image sensor OV5640. With an integrated ADC, the camera offers support for GPIO and microphone. 

There is no need for device driver installation as the camera is USB Audio Class (UAC) and USB Video Class (UVC) compliant. OmniVision’s OV5640 sensor is the best spec available with this camera and it will help in producing high quality image output. 

The sensor has come up with a variety of features which delivers automatic picture control functions. This includes automatic exposure control (AEC), band filter, 50/60Hz luminance detection, automatic white balance (AWB),and automatic black level calibration (ABLC) making it a convenient device even for fresh users. The camera work with the standard UVC protocol which will make it fit into any Linux and Windows system with ease. 

GPIO control which offers control over the general purpose I/O capability of the device, and also auto focussing capability functions are given full support with the help of a UVC Extension Unit interface. The company offers an Extended API DLL multiple applications to make use of these camera features. 

e-CAM51_USB is a powerful camera tool for industrial as well as consumer handheld applications with its user friendly features. This include image signal processing on chip, JPEG compression, colour correction matrix and also image stabilization. Along with still image capturing efficiency, it also supports video streaming capability of 720p and 1080p. 

This camera can be useful in applications in various areas like Interactive Teaching, Document Camera Visualizers, Telemedicine/Health, OCR, Scientific Research, Biometrics and also Robotics. 

The company also put forward interesting options like Customization services where users can directly contact them with their exact need and they will reconfigure the camera features accordingly. Samples of this camera product will be made available from June 18 onwards. Pricing details are still awaited. 

e-con Systems are expecting their new plug and play USB camera to win many customers in the market.

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