Elmo MO1, world's first mobile document camera

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Elmo MO1, world's first mobile document camera


ELMO USA, a pioneer in education technology has come up with their latest gadget MO-1. It is the world's first mobile document camera. Youngsters are happy with this innovative gadget which brings up a new level of entertainment. This is a new concept meant for presentations in classrooms and office rooms. MO-1 is rated as the best imaging mobile presenters with highest quality. 

This gadget can be used in many of the situations like reviewing written contracts, demonstrating new products including smartphones and tablets etc. It serves the purpose of a webcam at times of meetings as well. Its appearance is even smaller than that of a business envelope and can be easily placed within a jacket pocket for better convenience at times. 

MO-1 offers vivid and powerful presentation of pictures and three dimensional objects when viewed through a projector or a digital monitor. Reviewers commented on MO-1 as a powerful tool for making the presentations engaging, educational and effective for all kind of audiences. 

Key Features:

  • CMOS sensor of 5 Megapixel

  • Weight of 1.3 pounds

  • 8X digital zoom

  • 30 fps

  • High definition picture projection

  • Built-in microphone

  • HDMI capability

  • USB power capability

  • Rotating camera head of about 300 degree

  • Close-up projection of about 2 inch

  • SD card slot

Elmo MO-1 can serve the purpose of a scanner for transforming documents and even product parts in the form of digital data. It can be connected to a computer where it can serve the purpose of a webcam. Its portability feature helps to use it anywhere without any restrictions. The images can be directly saved to SD/SDHC card easily. There are options to replay and also review the saved images without any connection with the computer. 

The images can be rotated easily in 90 degree increments. For power distribution, there is no need of any AC adapter. There is no compromise on image quality with this device and is convenient for use with user friendly features. This device is a best choice for teachers and for travelling business professionals. 

Elmo MO-1 is available in shiny colours of white, black and pink. This gadget can be purchased at a price of around Rs. 20,000/-. Youngsters are really happy with the introduction of an advanced gadget like Elmo MO-1. This powerful document camera is sure to win a unique place in the camera market.

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