5 ways Sony impresses professional photographers with its new G Master Lens!

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Sony has launched its newest range of lenses for its full frame DSLR cameras under the G Master brand. These new lenses are aimed professionals who wish to bring in the best bokeh effects to their photoshoots. With powerful hardware that enables in faster autofocus and capture timing, the company has gone leaps ahead to maintain the competition.

The unique feature of all three lenses is to capture images with great depth of field while producing astounding bokeh effects to portraits. Color reproduction has been improved in comparison to older lenses, to provide natural and breathtaking photos.

5 reasons Sony's new lenses are best for professional photographers

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Higher blades, better autofocus:

With 9 and 11 blades added in their 24-70mm and 85mm lenses respectively, Sony has taken a leap into bringing better photography. The lenses have greater response times than older generation Alpha lenses. Gone are the worries of getting a picture clicked while the camera still focuses on its subject.

Multipurpose Uses:

The three lenses have been made in mind with users who can use it for various purposes, both indoor and outdoor. Photographers involved in wildlife, landscape, portrait and wedding photography can use these new lenses with ease.

5 reasons Sony's new lenses are best for professional photographers

Better Color Reproduction:

Unlike its older generation lenses, Sony's new G Master lenses have a better color reproduction and colors appear more natural. No longer are pictures saturated or contrasted. This is a plus point for all portrait photographers.

Bokeh Beauty:

The new G Master lenses produce the best bokeh effects in photographs all thanks to the 9-blades in the 24-70mm and 11-blades in the 85mm lens. It is a first for Sony to include 11-blades into their lenses, and the company definitely has the vision to inspire professionals.

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Higher resolution, even lossless:

5 reasons Sony's new lenses are best for professional photographers

The lenses have been made specifically designed for full framed DSLRs and maintain every detail in the picture even after zooming in. Images will be much more crisp and detailed as the camera capture end to end frames.

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