Here are 5 Common Types of Photo Lenses and When They are to be Used

    You can customize your photography as per your subject by changing the lens of your DSLR or mirrorless camera that has interchangeable lens. There is no rulebook for photography when it comes to focal length and aperture. There are just a few practices that you need to remember.

    5 Common Types of Photo Lenses and When They are to be Used

    In case, you are looking forward to improve your photography skills, you need to know how you can get the most out of your camera. Well, one of the things you need to master is the photo lens and here are five of the most common ones. You should know why these are good and when you need to use them.

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    Before you get into the types of lenses, you should know a bit about how these lenses are different. The basic difference between them is the focal length that is represented in mm and it ranges between 50 mm and 200 mm.

    5 Common Types of Photo Lenses and When They are to be Used

    The zoom level of the lens is essentially the focal length of it. A 300 mm lens will bring the far-away subjects closer to you than a lens that is of 24 mm. Keep in mind that the size of the sensor in the camera can make a big different in its focal length. There are some lenses that include the adjusted focal lengths.

    5 Common Types of Photo Lenses and When They are to be Used

    Wide Angle Lens

    This is a far zoomed out lens and it can capture more in the scene than the human eye. The focal length of this varies between 24 mm and 35 mm. The ultra-wide-angle lenses capture more of a scene and they have a very short focal length that could be 24 mm or less.

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    You can use wide angle lenses when you need to capture photographs of landscapes or evoke a sense of wonder at the scene's sizes. Also, to highlight the subject in the foreground than the ones in the background, you can use the wide angle lens.

    5 Common Types of Photo Lenses and When They are to be Used

    Standard Kit Lens

    The kit lens are versatile and the focal length of such lenses will range between 35 mm and 70 mm. The standard lens is one of the easiest ones to use as the viewing angle is similar to that of the human eye. You can use the standard kit lens to capture portraits, urban shoots, landscapes, action photos or anything that you might find.

    5 Common Types of Photo Lenses and When They are to be Used

    Telephoto and Superzoom lens

    The telephoto lenses have 70 mm or above focal length and these are designed to click the subjects that are far-away. The superzoom lenses are similar to the telephoto lenses, but the focal length will be of a wider range.

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    You can use these lenses when you need to click on a distant subject. It will build on the horizon that you cannot see well using a standard lens. Use shorter telephoto lenses for portraits as they will make the subject stand out from the background.

    5 Common Types of Photo Lenses and When They are to be Used

    Macro Lenses

    The Macro lenses are highly specialized and they excel in taking close-up photos. Most such lenses produce a 1:1 image that means your subject is actually reproduced on the camera sensor in the exact size as it is giving lots of details. Macro lenses are used in taking photographs of flowers, insects, and small objects.

    5 Common Types of Photo Lenses and When They are to be Used

    Prime Lenses

    This is opposite to zoom lens and it has a single focal length. You can get the prime lenses in different focal lengths ranging from ultra-wide angle to telephoto.

    The prime lenses can produce superior quality images as they have fewer moving parts and they are preferred for portraiture. Also, these have faster apertures, so they can capture better images even in low lighting conditions. Prime lenses are used to click night photos, action shots, and portraits.

    Though the uses of these five common types of lenses are details here, you need not stick on the recommendation given here as you are free to brand out. You can experiment different lenses for different requirements and check what actually happens.

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