Find whether the image is fake or original

In this digital world, it’s easier for someone to do photo editing, where the ordinary photo becomes extraordinary in just a matter of minutes. You can turn the subject however you want tall or short, thin or fat, black or white and more.

Find whether the image is fake or original

There are a lot of fake photos out there and Photoshop is the go-to tool used to create them. However, there are ways where you can check the originality of this photos.

Photo quality test

You might think that all the photoshop scammers perfect the art, but its not. By using JPEG %, check the photo quality you wanted to investigate. If the quality is too low find the same photo from another source with higher quality. For that, you can use TinEye or Google Image to find as well.

Foto Forensics

This is a website that can run error level analysis (ELA), which helps us to find parts of a picture that were added to it after editing. After processing a photo the program produces the image with edited parts standing out. Apart from this, the program will also provide the EXIF-data of a photo.


This is also a tool available on the Internet, whereupon pasting the image URL, it gives you various data about the image including the host, hidden data, edit software, animated GIFs, effects, special and more. It also lets you quickly apply many online image utilities to an image.

Reverse search engine

This is another method, where you can upload a photo in order to find its original source and to examine where else it was published. Moreover, it helps in authenticating those images you find in viral stories on your Facebook feed.


This is a program that needs to be installed and available only on Windows. This software shows metadata of the images along with the formats including AVI, DNG, PDF, THM. The program could be used to detect errors in the corrupted file, to find out if an image was edited and much more

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