Gigapixel and Terapixel Imaging explained

A Gigapixel image will contain at least 1024 Megapixel resolution


Most of the smartphone cameras are capable of capturing an 8 MP or a 12 MP image, whereas some of the recently launched smartphones like the Honor View20 is capable of capturing a 48 MP image. A 12 MP image contains a lot of data, especially for an end-user even after 2x zoom. Researchers and scientists are finding new ways to create or capture Gigapixel or Terapixel images using artificially intelligent and computer imaging technologies.

Gigapixel and Terapixel Imaging explained


What is Gigapixel or Terapixel images?

A Gigapixel image is a photo with at least a billion pixels, whereas a Megapixel photo will have a million pixel. 1 Gigapixel photo will contain as many pixels as 1024 Megapixel, and 1 Terapixel photo will contain at least 1024 Gigapixels.

Look and experience the world's first Terapixel image

Look and experience the Gigapixel images

Ex: To capture a Gigapixel photo we need a camera sensor with at least 1024 MP resolution or the smartphone should have 20x more Megapixel compared to today's standard of camera resolution on smartphones.

A 12 MP photo will be around 5 to 10 MB (depending on the quality), whereas a 12 GP image will be about 5 to 10 GB in size. Similarly, a 12 TP image will be around 5 to 10 TB.

Gigapixel and Terapixel image applications

A Gigapixel or a Terapixel image will play a pivotal role in research and development, especially in agribusiness, public health, visual arts, and cultural competence.

Ex: A single Gigapixel X-Ray photo will be enough to diagnose a disease in cellular level. A single image will be able to offer high-fidelity details for accurate analysis of the problem. As of now, there are only a handful of images available in the world with Terapixel resolution.

Future of Gigapixel and Terapixel photography

Processing and storing these multi-million pixels is a significant challenge. For storing and accessing these images, the serves need substantial improvement in the read and write speed, especially from remote locations.


Ex: To store and access a Gigapixel image (full resolution), we need an active internet connection with a minimum bandwidth of 1Gpbs. The server should have faster storage modules, which should be able to access data in real-time without any delay.

Some of the universities across the world are already capable of processing and storing Petabytes of data (1024 Terabytes). As the demand for Gigapixel and Terapixel imaging becomes mainstream, we will have more service providers who can store and manage these multi-million-pixel resolution images in the cloud.

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