Megapixel myth debunked

It is not just Megapixels in your DSLR

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There used to be days where only professional photographers owned DSLR cameras. But, now it is increasingly becoming a type of camera that is in the reach of the average photographer. Owing to the plummeting price of DSLRs over the years and the models' user-friendly feature, these cameras have attracted even the common man towards it.

Megapixel myth debunked

Image quality being the most important feature, people started to ditch their smartphone camera for DSLR's. There is an array of DSLR cameras trending in the market now, making users difficult to decide which one to buy.

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If you are just concerned about capturing the best moments of your life, then you can opt for lower end DSLRs. However, if picture qualities are given more importance, then professional DLSR will be the best.

People started measuring the quality of any camera based on the megapixel it has. 'How many megapixels does your camera have?" is the first question raised by others when you buy any new camera. Though megapixels are considered important while buying any DSLR, it is not the only thing that affects the image quality.

To come out of this mindset, it is important to understand other aspects of camera and its relationship with megapixel as well. One such aspect is the size of the image sensor. Image sensor with larger size has more surface area exposed to the available light, which directly results in a better quality image. It will be of use when you have to enlarge any image or crop it without losing its quality.

Consider an example where a 12MP camera is having a sensor that is 1/4 the size of another 12MP camera. Even though it has the same number of megapixels, it will not have the same image quality because of the differences in image sensor size.

That is, the larger image sensor found in a DSLR will produce better quality images than the same resolution (megapixel) camera with lesser sensor size. Thus, image sensors should be given the same priority as megapixel while buying a new camera.

Image sensors are also available in different range of sizes similar to the megapixels of the camera.So, the size should be considered carefully before buying. Since the of image sensors are overlooked often, it is recommended to go for a camera with a larger image sensor and fewer megapixels than more megapixels and a smaller sensor.

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