Fuji film Waterproof Camera, FinePix XP150

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Fuji film Waterproof Camera, FinePix XP150

Fujifilm is about to introduce a new camera that redefines the limited environmental conditions which is believed to be apt for the effective usage of a camera. FinePix XP150 from Fuji will be favored by those who take adventure to new heights out there in the mountains and mud tracks and wish to cherish those moments a life time. The new tough guy Fujifilm which has brought up in their assembly line has been designed for working in extreme condition and still capable of capturing high quality still and motion pictures.

It comes with a rubberized coating and a metal handgrip which is riveted, that gives the camera a guaranteed defense against damages that can be possibly caused by physical shocks or moisture. With FinePix XP10, one can dive twice as deep than the recommended in the already available FinePix XP30 which would be a 10m.

The cameras is made extra tough making it capable for surviving a drop from a height of even 2m and perform well at reduced temperature conditions like a -10 degree Celsius. The camera has been weather sealed at major portions and thus preventing sand and other dust particles from entering. Even the zoom lens is given a coating of some water repellent material and thus disabling any chance of the shots getting spoiled due to water droplets sticking on to the lens. Ultimate protection is guaranteed with the double lock design.

If you think you know it all about the new FinePix XP150 then give it another thought because the above said is just FinePix XP150 and what it looks from outside. The gadget has more in store that definitely makes it a must have gear for the one in love with photography.

Manufacturers have added features that make the new device from Fuji Film an extraordinary one. These features are:

  • Advanced GPS
  • Electronic Compass and Photo Navigation

FinePix 150 has an inbuilt and a very sensitive GPS antenna which can be used to pinpoint its location. It can be anywhere in the world and irrespective of its location; the camera always leads the tracks to the satellites. Bundled along; are other features like the user having the facility to create pictorial maps of places he or she has visited earlier.

The users, with the electronic compass and photo navigation utilities embedded in the camera, can use it to track a previously visited place and link it with the current position making it easy to trace back the points of visits.

Finally, the manufacturers have assured a long lasting performance of the device and a good battery too, an NP-50A rechargeable. They come in five different colors. The price detail of the camera however is not decided yet.

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