Fujifilm FinePix, The New 3D Camera

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Fujifilm FinePix, The New 3D Camera
The king of camera's, Fujifilm has launched the world"s first 3D camera and printing service. The new FinePix camera allows the pic to be viewed on the camera's built-in display and printed on special 3D paper, ready to stick in the family photo album.

Unlike the 3D films in cinemas, special glasses do not need to be worn to show the 3D image in Fine Pix camera. The camera is equipped with 10MP image sensors and is can also automatically fine-tune the depth sense of depth of the image. FinePix is equipped to take two photos simultaneously from its two lenses which are fixed a similar distance apart to human eyes.

Using 'lenticular' technology, the separate left and right eye images are interlaced on a furrowed surface to create the stereoscopic illusion. This technology dates back to 1940. It was then used to create animated images such as winking eye.

Fine Pix camera also incorporates a high-definition 3D video camera, allowing users to watch their home movies back on any 3D TV. The camera is scheduled to launch in September with a price of 400 Pounds. The 3D printing services for the FinePix camera however will be available shortly after the launch of the camera.

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