Fujifilm to Unveil Vintage Design Camera [Rumor]

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Photokina conference is all set to start on September 8 in Germany and prior to the much awaited event, leaked images of 2 retro-styled cameras from Fujifilm have started circulating on the internet.

The pictures of the rumored X-E1 camera appeared on the Japanese website Digital Info. The mirror less camera with interchangeable lens looks quite similar to X-Pro1 model from Fujifilm. The camera incorporates a pop-up flash but lacks the optical viewfinder. The device also has a smooth leather body along with a silver or black top portion.

Another image of a compact model camera has also been hosted in the site. The camera is rumored to carry the model name XP1 or XF1. Retro styling in design is followed in this camera also. This compact camera doesn’t have interchangeable lenses. It also features an attractive leather covering.

The camera is rumored to feature a 4x zoom and f/1.8 aperture at its widest. When zoomed, the aperture will reduce to f/4.9. From the pictures it seems that there are two dials on top of the camera. One dial will serve the usual purpose of selecting modes, while the other one will facilitate the activation of flash, macro mode and navigation through the menu. This camera will also have a pop-up flash feature like the X-E1 camera.

No other details have been released as far yet. However, users can expect Fujifilm to reveal these details at the Photokina conference in September.

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