Memoto: World's Smallest Wearable Camera that Clicks a Pictures in Every 30 Seconds

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Memoto: World's Smallest Wearable Camera that Clicks a Pictures in Every 30 Seconds

Have you ever thought to have a camera which will keep on taking images of your precious moments in life without you doing anything! Just imagine you clip the camera to your shirt or wear it as a pendant in a necklace and it will start shooting images at a frequency of every 30 seconds. 

Yes! This has become a reality news now. A team of scientists have showcased Memoto, known to be the smallest wearable camera in the crowd funding website Kickstarter. Images show a tiny box shaped camera which claims to have a 5 MP resolution.

As per the information available, this tiny camera has a GPS chip which can track location of the user. It can also automatically store and organize images through apps designed for Android devices and iPhone. This could be really useful as you don’t need to manually trigger storing these images as well as organizing them to different meaningful folders for easy access. The Swedish start-up behind this tiny innovation claimed that battery will last for 2 days in this tiny wonder. 

There is a video on display which demonstrates how this tiny camera clicks every 30 seconds to capture images of a boy in swing or a boy holding a cat. This technology also named as ‘lifelogging’ is being seen with huge amount of interest as evident from the popularity in Kickstarter site. While explaining the functioning, company spokesperson explained that Memoto will be organizing various images and grouping them into ‘Moments’. 

These ‘moments’ will be then arranged in a timeline for you to track. Once you click on a specific Moment in the timeline, the images grouped under that Moment will get displayed. It is almost like going back to a moment in life and re-living every bit of it. 

Users can also locate specific moments using this timeline specific grouping. It is almost impossible now that you will ever lose your precious moments in life, you can capture whole of them and see them again and again. 

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