AI Cameras Might Help Curbing Fake Image Circulation


Picking a fake photo is a tough task and even after recognizing the details, some pictures manage to fool the experts. Wouldn't it be really convenient if the process of picking fake pictures started from the source, the camera? Well, that's what a new study from New York University Tandon School of Engineering suggests.

AI Cameras Might Help Curbing Fake Image Circulation


What's new this time

If the cameras become intelligent, it could help additional machine learning programs to identify if the image was morphed. The researchers also found out that the technique amplified a computer's accuracy at spotting fakes from 45% to 90%.

The new method involves reimaging the way a camera will process information to expose a picture. The camera creates unique artifacts in the image that software can later use to gauge whether or not the image was altered.

Unlike the conventional methods, the software won't be tricked if the image is downsized, the researchers said. When added to the photo itself, AI programs for detecting manipulated programs were able to be more precise over earlier used techniques.

What's the catch

It seems practical, however, the trade here is that the artifacts which serve as a digital watermark, degrade the image quality. While the camera and lens makers try to reduce artifacts, the researchers have built them again.

The team said that their future studies will look for ways to incorporate these digital watermarks without degrading the quality of the image. Also, to use this method, camera makers will have to agree on implementing the artifacts into their equipment.

With the manufacturers poised at producing great cameras with increased quality with every new model, adding artifacts on purpose seems like a dealbreaker for many.

Do we need such technology

Of course, we do. Identifying fake images using software instead of a human eye will curbing the fake images circulating over the web. Social media is the most affected place due to the circulation of fake images. The method can also be added to these platforms to reduce fake news.

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