Nikon announces Limited Commemorative products as part of its 100th Anniversary celebrations

Nikon has dedicated the last 100 years to pursuing innovative technologies and providing users with the highest quality products.

    Nikon a popular brand know in the photography world is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year. The company seem to have come a long way. On the other hand, since its establishment in 1917, Nikon has provided the world with unique value through its optical products based on optical and precision technologies.

    Nikon announces 100th Anniversary limited commemorative products

    However, Nikon has now reached a successful milestone and as part of the celebrations, the company is announcing the release of commemorative models and goods for the consumers and fans.

    As such, the 100th anniversary commemorative models have been planned and developed with the technologies of the Nikon tradition and advance innovations that Nikon has cultivated over the past 100 years since its foundation.

    Further, these models have been incorporated with the gratitude and hope that the brand looks forward with for the next 100 years.

    More significantly, all commemorative items will come with the 100th anniversary logo, special finishing and features that give them an even more elegant look and feel. There will be limited commemorative editions of the company's two flagship D-SLR cameras, the ultimate NIKKOR lens, and finally, three binoculars.

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    In addition to these commemorative models, there will also be a special premium collection of commemorative goods. The products will be listed below.

    On this special occasion, Kazuo Ninomiya, Managing Director, Nikon India said, "It brings us immense pleasure to complete this mark of a successful century. This journey is undoubtedly a tribute to many stakeholders that includes consumers, customers, and partners - who have stood with us.

    Our people are dedicated in delivering an exceptional photography experience over so many years, and it's through this dedication that we've built a legacy of successful cameras across categories over time."

    Likewise, Sajjan Kumar, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales & Strategy said, "This is a momentous achievement for us, and on this wonderful occasion we are excited to launch our celebratory models.

    These models are an epitome of Nikon's legacy and its breakthrough journey in the camera industry. This is a way to thank all our loyal customers for the endless support they have provided us for the development of our company over its 100-year history"

    Below are the products that Nikon has announced.

    Nikon announces 100th Anniversary limited commemorative products

    D5 100th Anniversary Edition

    While the D5 is Nikon's flagship DSLR camera, the D5 100th Anniversary Edition features a dark metallic gray finish and a stamp on the bottom noting Nikon's contribution to the study and exploration of space. An anniversary booklet detailing Nikon's contributions to the study and exploration of space is also provided.

    Nikon announces 100th Anniversary limited commemorative products

    D500 100th Anniversary Edition

    The D500 is a model that offers both agility and highly precise rendering. With its metallic gray finish and commemorative logo, the 100th Anniversary Edition combines an elegant look and feel with practicality. It comes with an exclusive metal case that has a plate on which the commemorative logo and serial number are engraved. The case contains a commemorative body cap and a commemorative leather strap embossed with the commemorative logo.

    Nikon announces 100th Anniversary limited commemorative products

    NIKKOR 70-200E 100th Anniversary Edition

    The 100th Anniversary Edition includes the AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR lens

    that has been crafted with a special centennial exterior design, plus special glass elements. The 100th anniversary edition of the AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm is a fast telephoto zoom lens that comes with glass elements with stand that lets you experience the actual lens-structure assembled into this lens. It gives a sense of just how the lens achieves its characteristic rendering.

    Nikon announces 100th Anniversary limited commemorative products

    NIKKOR Triple F2.8 Zoom Lens Set 100th Anniversary Edition

    NIKKOR lenses have become synonymous with Nikon's optical technologies. The NIKKOR Triple F2.8 Zoom Lens Set 100th Anniversary Edition is a set of three f/2.8 maximum aperture zoom lenses that best represent the NIKKOR name.

    The set is comprised of the wide-angle AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED, the normal AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR, and the telephoto AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR. The same commemorative serial number is engraved on all three lenses.

    Nikon announces 100th Anniversary limited commemorative products

    WX 7×50 IF and WX 10×50 IF 100th Anniversary Editions

    The WX 7×50 IF and WX 10×50 IF 100th Anniversary Editions are commemorative editions of models in the new ultra-wide field of view WX series (WX 7×50 IF, WX 10×50 IF), which offer incredibly wide fields of view with sharp and clear viewing all the way to field edges.

    The special commemorative logo is printed on the bottom of the binocular's central shaft, and an exclusive serial number is stamped on the top of the central shaft.

    What's more, in addition to the usual strap supplied with the binoculars, the 100th anniversary commemorative models also come with a WX leather strap embossed with the commemorative logo. Sales of these 100th anniversary commemorative models will be limited to a total of one hundred (7×50 and 10×50 combined).

    Nikon announces 100th Anniversary limited commemorative products

    8×30 E II 100th Anniversary Edition

    This is a commemorative edition of the Nikon 8×30E II, a binocular with an orthodox and classic design used and loved by many over the years since its release. Its 63.2° apparent field of view is realistic, and the application of a multilayer film coating to all lens and prism surfaces ensures that the field of view is bright and clear.

    The commemorative edition has an exclusive metallic gray finish, and the commemorative logo is printed on it. In addition, it comes with a special strap and case. Sales of this 100th anniversary commemorative model will be limited to a total of four hundred.

    Nikon announces 100th Anniversary limited commemorative products

    100th Anniversary exclusive commemorative goods

    Nikon 100th Anniversary Crystal Creation Nikon Model I

    This is an elegant and beautiful crystal reproduction* created by Swarovski, the world's leading crystal manufacturer, in commemoration of Nikon's 100th anniversary.

    *Note: The photo depiction is for imaging purposes only. Decorative model does not have photographic capabilities.

    Nikon 100th Anniversary Pin Collection

    This collection of lapel pins representing Nikon's most historic and popular products, as well as the corporate logo, looks back at Nikon's 100-year journey through light.

    Nikon 100th Anniversary Premium Camera Strap

    This premium camera strap is made entirely of the best Italian leather that only improves with use and age.

    Nikon 100th Anniversary Miniature Nikon F Camera

    The historic Nikon F, Nikon's first flagship model and the camera that set the standard for single-lens reflex cameras around the world, is faithfully reproduced with this 1/2-scale model.


    All the 100th year anniversary limited models will be available starting Mid of August 2017 in India. The MRP will be disclosed closure to the sale start date.

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