Pentax KP Weatherproof DSLR is launched in India at Rs. 88,584

Finally, it launched in India.

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Ricoh launched the Pentax KP weatherproof DSLR in January and now, the same DSLR is launched in India with a price tag of Rs. 88,584. The Pentax KP is a portable APS-DSLR, designed mainly for night time photography.

Pentax KP Weatherproof DSLR is launched in India at Rs. 88,584

Regarding this launch, Yuki Uchida, VP&CMO, Ricoh India says, "The new DSLR reflects our engineering expertise that weaves design, state-of-the-art features in a compact body that deliver the highest level of experience to customers.Photography enthusiasts will love the outstanding specifications and customizable features of the camera that can shoot great stills and video clips."

This DSLR camera features a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor with a 27-point autofocus system in it. Before buying this DSLR, read further to know more about its features and design.

Slim Design and Rugged exterior

Portability is given more importance while designing Pentax KP camera. The company has tried to reduce both the size and weight of the camera bodies. So that one can easily carry this DSLR everywhere.

The cameras rugged exterior is designed to be dust and weather proof. It has the power to withstand temperatures such as -10 degrees Celsius.

High sensitivity sensor and high-resolution image

This camera comes with a new generation CMOS image sensor with the PRIME IV imaging engine and an accelerator unit in it.

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It even increases the upper limit of the sensitivity range without creating unwanted noise. Pentax KP is having a top sensitivity of ISO 819200 which helps in capturing high-resolution images.

Shake Reduction System

The PENTAX KP is the first camera to feature the SR II (Shake Reduction II*) system in it. It is the five-axis image stabilization system which helps in capturing the best image even during pitch and yaw, horizontal and vertical shift, and roll by as much as five shutter steps. It should also be noted that the SR II can be activated only in viewfinder shooting.

Pixel Shift Resolution and interchangeable grips

Pixel Shift Resolution is another interesting feature which offers more accurate color reproduction and also an anti-aliasing filter simulator which helps in reducing moiré effect.

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The interchangeable grips present in this camera lets you exchange the grip to accommodate a particular lens or suit your preference of holding comfort or shooting style.

Other features

The PENTAX KP is said to include an electronic shutter speed of 1/24000 second and burst shooting of 7fps. With 1080p video recording support, it comes with vertical tilt 3-inch LCD display and built-in Wi-Fi in it.

It is also said to be compatible with Pentax's DA-series lenses. The KP also offers a real-time scene analysis system which analyzes few factors like brightness distribution in the image field and also the subject's primary color and motion.

It makes use of deep learning technology to evaluate the scene properly and later sets the appropriate exposure setting based on it.


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