Nikon offers battery replacement for D800 and D800E

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Nikon offers battery replacement for D800 and D800E

Nikon is a company that has pioneered in the manufacture of high quality cameras. The latest news that is making headlines in the camera market includes the replacement offerings for the batteries of its D800 as well as D800E cameras. 

Both the Nikon D800 as well as Nikon D800E model cameras make use of EN-EL15 batteries. It is said that any of the EN-EL15 batteries which has an E or F as the 9th character of its serial number is considered to be at an increased risk of getting overheated and also distorted. This announcement comes at a time even when the company has claimed that none of their existing customers have reported a problem like this so far. 

The battery replacement offer is only applicable to the affected batches of the products that have been distributed after the month of February 29th of 2012. Other cameras also applicable for the battery replacement offer if all the conditions of the company are satisfied include Nikon D7000 as well as Nikon 1 V1 cameras. 

The three steps that the users must follow to identify whether their battery is eligible for replacement or not include;

  • Users will first have to locate the lot number which are alpha numeric numbers that are denoted on the bottom of the name plate

  • Then check the ninth digit of the number starting from the left

  • If the 9th digit of the EN-EL15 battery is E or F, then that means that the battery has to be replaced as the possibilities of it getting affected with this issue seems to be more

It also has to be noted that if the 9th digit is of the EN-EL15 battery is A, B, C, D, G etc, then that means the battery is safer to make use of. The company has announced in an official statement that there have been some mistakes with the batteries that have been supplied by one of their suppliers which do not meet the internal quality standards of the company.

The company has also said that there is an extreme rare case in which the battery might get over heated which will result in an exterior casing deformation. This has been tested and has been proved in one of their Nikon manufacturing process. 

Nikon has announced that they are initiating this replacement for ensuring the safety of their customers as well as their equipment. 

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