Olympus next Camera to be a PEN

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Olympus next Camera to be a PEN


Olympus has quite a large number of imaging devices in different product line ups. Their cameras are very popular and are a favourite among many professional as well as budding photographers. Recently an Olympus spokesperson has announced that the next device the company is going to launch will be in the PEN line up rather than in the expected OM-D line.

OM-D line up of cameras where launched only very recently. The first device in this series was E-M5. Since this is a newly formed series and since there are not many devices in this line up many people were expecting that the next device from the company will also be in this series. But the company spokesperson has made a statement contradictory to this belief.

Toshiyuki Terada of Olympus said during the European launch of their new camera that the next device from Olympus will be in the PEN series. He said that the company has taken such a decision based on the market feedback.

Presently the PEN line up consists of 3 camera models E-P3, E-PL3 also known as Pen Lite and E-PM1 or the Pen Mini. These camera models came up some time during the middle of last year. They have got a huge welcoming and the sales figures have been very satisfying for the company. So in 2012 at least one new PEN body can be expected to come out.

It can work on some of the features that are currently used in E-M5. This would result in a very compact camera that produces cutting edge images. The technologies used in the E-M5 camera enable users to take photographs in very quick successions. Video recording can also be achieved with suitable and clarity and at the right number of frames per second.

There was even a speculation that the new PEN model will feature a view finder. But this seems very unlikely. Olympus has a separate line up of device having a view finder and they are very much different from the PEN series of cameras. If a view finder has to be incorporated then the form factor of the device would become large. This is not the design cue of the PEN series. So this is just a random speculation and does not seem plausible. But the technological aspects of the camera will definitely be improved. The release date or a price quote of this new device is not available as for now.


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