Panasonic to have two ruggedized camera models

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Panasonic to have two ruggedized camera models

Photography is one of the most fun-filled hobbies, apart from video gaming. Craze in photography usually is more seen in young people. There are people who constantly practice photography to hone their skills to great precision to enter professional photography competitions or just for fun of it. Even for beginners in photography to experts, it is pretty difficult to find the perfect camera that suits them as there are a lot of manufacturers bringing in unique as well as high end cameras.

But the best bet goes to the cameras from the most reputed camera manufacturers like Canon, Panasonic, Nikon etc. People with adventure in their hearts; also opt for a good camera to take with them, to capture their adventures. There aren’t many cameras durable enough for such rough use. Apparently, Panasonic’s versatility seems to add two more options of great cameras for adventurers. For years, it was Panasonic’s ruggedized cameras which assisted the adventurers in their activities.

This time Panasonic offers better cameras, ruggedized obviously which would totally impress you. We are talking about two new ruggedized cameras named Lummox DMC-TS4 and Lummox DMC-TS20. By ruggedized it actually means the TS4 and TS20 are LCD screen

  • Water proof

  • Shock proof

  • Dust proof

  • Freeze proof

Panasonic Lummox DMC-TS4

The sturdy, durable DMC-TS4 is the new Panasonic flagship camera and it is the best replacement the TS3 can have.

Features include:

  • 12.1 Megapixel CCD Sensor

  • 2.7 inch LCD screen

  • 4.6 x 28-128 mm Optical zoom lens

  • 1080i HD video recording

  • Shockproof to 6.6 feet

  • Waterproof to 40 feet depths

  • Built in GPS module and compass

  • Altimeter and Barometer functionality

  • Options of Orange, black, blue and silver colours

  • Freeze proof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit

Although the specs are impressive, this camera doesn’t come cheap. However, you will prefer it more because the TS4 can log the GPS, altimeter and barometer data to supplement the photos you took with weather and location readout.

Panasonic Lummox DMC-TS20

Features include:

  • 16.1 Megapixel sensor

  • 2.7 inch LCD screen

  • 4 x 25 – 100 mm Optically stabilized zoom lens

  • Shockproof to 5 feet

  • Waterproof to 16 feet depths

  • Freeze proof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Accurate shooting with Panasonic’s Intelligent Auto Mode

  • Available in Orange, black, blue and red colours

The TS20 is cheaper but it doesn’t have a manual option. The Panasonic Lummox DMC-TS4 is priced around Rs 20,000/- approximately and will be out in March while the Lummox DMC-TS20 is expected to have a Rs 10,000/- price tag and will be out this month itself.

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