Smartphone cameras see through walls in future

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Smartphone cameras see through walls in future

Today's smartphones comes with good cameras that can be used instead of digital cameras. A research carried out at the University of Texas adds some new features that will take the smartphones to an all new level in photography.

The team has built a new imaging chip that will make use of terahertz band of the electromagnetic spectrum. The chip is manufactured using CMOS tech and it does not require multiple lenses. This results in a cheap camera that has desirable new features.

The usage of the terahertz band indicates that it can see through the walls using the new type of camera. So you can simply hold the smartphone with this camera to a surface and get the view of what is on the other side on your touchscreen display.

Such cameras have various uses like helping in finding tumors, detecting the counterfeit bank notes and highlighting faults on the manufacturing lines. If come company like Apple get this on their devices, the consumers will be falling towards these devices.

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