A foldable see through Samsung tablet PC in the making

Posted By: Rahul

A foldable see through Samsung tablet PC in the making

Tablets are being incorporated with very cutting edge technology. They are now faster, smaller and very much efficient.

Samsung has gone one step further and introduced a concept tablet whose features make it look like it is from another world.

Expected or proposed features of the new concept tablet are:

  • Flexible

  • Transparent screen

  • Holographic display

  • Adjustable size

This concept tablet was featured in a new video which was released by Samsung. The Korean electronics giants have released this video with intent to give the masses a taste of the future.

The video shows a flexible tablet. That is it can be even be folded up and tucked away in the pocket or in a carrying pouch. The device is also completely transparent. One look at the tablet and you won’t even know that it is an electronic device. There are no physical buttons in it .It just looks like a glass paper that is used in over head projectors.

The tablet is also seen to feature adjustable size. This will be a very useful feature if it can be made practical. Because according to the nature of the job at hand the display size can be varied. This means that to view films and pictures a bigger size can be opted while for quick browsing and messaging a small window size can be preferred. The video also shows the tablet making video calls and displaying holograms. Holographic display will let the user see the pictures and objects in 3 dimensions.

If the screen has to sport this much features it must be an improved version of the AMOLED type display. AMOLED displays are already incorporated in phones like Samsung Galaxy SII. Samsung has been doing vast amount of research in foldable touch screens for very long time.

Samsung’s advanced institute of technology research which is based in Korea has already unveiled a prototype for a smart phone having a foldable touch screen display. Folded screens offer the advantage that a smaller phone can incorporate a very large screen. For example today’s phones that feature a 3.5 inch display will be able to have a double sized display in the same physical dimensions. Reports say that these displays are tested vigorously for any faults. It shows that after 1 lakh folding cycles the screens will lag behind a new screen in responsiveness by 6%.

If this technology is incorporated in a smart phone or tablet in the near future it would definitely create a stir up in the market and would lead to the formation of a new generation of communication and entertainment devices.

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