A hybrid Chromebook from HTC

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A hybrid Chromebook from HTC

Tech world is getting the news of a new Chromebook being planned under the HTC label. The first Chromebook launched was by Samsung in their Samsung Series 5 range of devices. The chrome books launched till now by Samsung and Acer where able to get a somewhat ok sales figure. They are aiming at combined sales of about 25,000-30,000 by the end of this year. The company is also planning on a price slash to achieve improved sales. This is to where the new comer HTC is planning to set companies foot hold.

HTC’s tablets are well accepted and have a very good sales figure but a notebook from the company is unheard of. The actual plans of the manufacturer are still not clear.

Speculations have been going round the net that the device will be like a tablet plus laptop hybrid, similar to that of the model from Asus. There are also rumors that the device will be an over sized tablet that will feature a sliding keyboard. According to DigiTimes the gadget will be basically a web based laptop that may have Google Chrome operating system and it will incorporate the best features of android and chrome.

HTC has been one of the world leaders when it comes to smart phones. There lines up of tablets are also impressive. But the market watchers are expressing their doubts as to whether HTC would be able to handle this new system and built it up to the company’s reputation. The device is also rumored to have a dual boot set up. What this means is that it can have two different operating systems.

HTC has launched a dual boot operating system based device back in 2008.The device was termed as HTC shift. It was an ultra portable PC that had a huge spec list. Irrespective of all this features the device could not achieve the needed sales that the company intended.

The gadget world is eagerly waiting for the operating system which is rumored to be a hybrid between the chrome and android. The android system can be used for everyday activities and the chrome OS can be used for more intense tasks. The combined version will have the ease of use of the android platform combined with the efficiency of chrome.

This can mean a clear winner if they are able to implement their ideas well. A customized version of the android is already installed in Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and its performance figures are quite impressive.

The device may also feature a much improved ARM processor. The conventional method is to use an Intel atom processor in the Netbooks. The problem with this is that the processor may not be able to provide the needed performance for some applications. The chrome operating system has an advantage that all the details in it are stored online. So no matter how much you load the laptop with applications and software’s it won’t be slowed down. T

his makes the laptop very fast and efficient with a small disadvantage that it depends on internet for almost all its activities. So without a good internet connection there is not much point in buying the Chromebook. The price and other details are not yet announced by the company.

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