A wafer-thin Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook

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A wafer-thin Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook

Ultraportable laptops all seem to have their origin in the design of the Apple MacBook Air 13. One of these sleek ultra-portables or ultrabooks is Samsung Series 9.

Samsung Series 9 900X3A-BO1 is one of the thinnest notebooks around in the market. Weighing only 2.88 pounds and having a thickness of just 0.64 inches, this 13.3-inch ultra-portable has a strong duralumin chassis for heavy duty and a 128 GB solid state drive (SSD). No longer is this fast, but also more capable of protecting your vital information from the occasional drop or bump. The Core i5-2537M processor is game for multitasking and running heavy applications. The other attraction is the battery which offers around 7 hours of backup. This could vary based on the conditions of operation but it is impressive nevertheless.

Samsung Series 9 runs on the 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS. It also comes loaded with Microsoft Signature which, Microsoft assures, does not have any kind of unnecessary performance-hampering software or Trialware. The advantage of Microsoft Signature is of course the Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus.

Samsung Series 9 has a 13.3-inch display which is quite impressive as it is brighter than most other ultra-portable notebooks around. The anti-glare coating ensures a pleasant and untiring viewing experience. It is also great for outdoors use and in not-so-favorable lighting conditions as well. It would have been better if Samsung had a greater screen resolution than the 1366x768 default display, particularly since rival ultra-portables offer more. However, entertainment and the experience of working with a bigger screen are offered thanks to the wireless WiDi support offered to a high definition television with external receiver box. SRS Premium Sound speakers provide great performance too.

The backlit keyboard design is great, and the isolated layout found in most laptops is used. The keys, particularly the “shift,” “backspace” and “enter” keys, are conveniently large. The trackpad has buttons integrated into it and has a single clickpad. Though it would have been better if there were dedicated buttons, the trackpad is quite large so there is a lesser chance of accidental cursor movements while you’re busy typing, which is normally the case with integrated buttons.

Quick data transfer and connectivity are ensured with the USB 3.0 port while you can charge your MP3 player or handset through the USB 2.0 port even with the system turned off. Samsung has also equipped Series 9 with high-definition 1.3-megapixal webcam. Samsung Series 9 has 4GB DDR3 memory and is available with three-year warranty for a price tag starting from around Rs 75,000 and more in India.

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