Aakash 2 Tablet Release Update: Availability Confirmed for Nov 11 at Rs 1,500

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Aakash 2 Tablet Release Update: Availability Confirmed for Nov 11 at Rs 1,500

Aakash 2 tablet is expected to hit the Indian market November 11, reportedly informed India’s telecom minister Mr. Kapil Sibal at a conference of economic editors. The new tablet is being manufactured by UK based Datawind; the same company that manufactured the first Aakash tablet. 

According to numerous reports, Aakash 2 tablet will run on Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) firmware, will have a 1 GHz processor and a battery life of about 4 hours. We didn’t get any information on the processor type and the battery rating. We also learn that it will have capacitive touchscreen display. 

The Aakash 2 tablet is expected to cost Rs. 1500, which makes it cheaper than the Aakash original tablet. Sibal says that this has been made possible because Datawind used India based plant to manufacture the latest version. Sibal further said that the government is planning to manufacture about a million of Aakash 2 tablets without putting extra burden on the ministry of finance. 

Aakash 2 tablet has been in the news for several reasons. Lenovo recently commented that it’s going to be impossible to manufacture a tablet at the price Aakash is making to the markets, while keeping similar user experience of the popular tablets. It’d be quite interesting to see whether the Aakash 2 makes the customers happy or not.

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