Aakash 2 UbiSlate 7Ci vs Micromax Funbook Alpha: Budget Tablet Throne Fight Begins

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Aakash 2 UbiSlate 7Ci vs Micromax Funbook Alpha: Budget Tablet Throne Fight Begins

Indian tablet market is surely dominated by the likes of global tech giants like Samsung and Apple. However at the same time, native manufacturers are also constantly pushing to create waves in the market, especially with their affordable tablet offerings to conquer the price sensitive Indian market.

Catering to the needs of retail customers, corporate, SMEs and the education sector, homegrown manufacturers have surely come far and are now giving head to head competition to global giants. 

On the similar lines, there is one major tablet entrant which has recently been launched by the Indian government to reach the roots of the Indian budget conscious market targeting the highest population segment of the nation, that is students. Yes! The guess is right. The talk is about the newly unwrapped Aakash 2 –  manufactured by UK based Datawind – and released in India only for students at a subsidised price of Rs 1,130. 

Datawind informed at the launch event of the tablet that the company will be offering the tablet to the government for Rs 2,263 which will be further distributed at a 50 per cent subsidy to the students. Aakash 2 tablet will be made available to students of engineering colleges and universities across the nation in days to come. However, there is no date confirmed by the government as to when the subsidised rate tablet will be available for purchase at colleges or even online. 

For online purchase, the company has also outed the commercial version of the Aakash 2 unit, branded as UbiSlate 7Ci, which is available for purchase on DataWind’s website at Rs 4,499. 

Well, with the launch of Aakash 2, one this is for sure, the one tablet manufacturer which would be suffering from sleepless night is Micromax. The leading tablet seller which outperformed Samsung and Apple in the third quarter results and became the budget tablet king with highest tablet sales figures in India this year. 

The homegrown manufacturer recently released a series of tablets in the Funbook line-up which also included Rs 5,999 Funbook Alpha priced which was preferred over many other low cost Android ICS tablets present in the market. 

Hence, lets take a look at the below spec comparison between Aakash 2 and Funbook Alpha and observe how they stack up against each other to win the tablet race. 

Display: At an undisclosed dimensions by their respective manufacturers, both the tablets sport a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen display with 800 x 480 pixel resolution. 

Processor: Speaking of processor, Alpha is powered by the single-core 1 GHz processor and Mali 400 GPU. On the other end, Aakash 2 processor is better, that is dual core Cortex A9 processor clocked at 1Ghz. 

Operating System: Being budget devices, Aakash 2 and Funbook Alpha are flavored with the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. 

Camera: On the camera optics front, both the tablets are equipped with basic front facing VGA cameras for video calling and they lack a rear camera for taking pictures or other multimedia activities. 

Memory: In terms of storage, the tablets have 512MB RAM and a micro SD card for expandable memory support up to 32GB. Fuhter, both the tablets also house the same internal memory capacity ie. 4GB storage. 

Connectivity: Funbook Alpha and Aakash 2 both come with basic connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, 3G through dongle, Bluetooth and micro USB 2.0 port. 

Battery: As far as the battery backup is concerned, there is a little difference in both the tablets. While, Micromax Funbook Alpha is loaded with a 2,800 mAh battery, on the other end, Aakash 2 scores higher with its 3,000 mAh Li-ion battery reportedly claimed to be delivering 3 hours of normal operation. 


Well the verdict is very simple over here, as Aakash 2 UbiSlate 7Ci possess all the key specification which are present inMicromax Funbook Alpha at a lower price and better battery backup. 

However, in the end, everything depends on the availability of the product. While Funbook Alpha is already present in the market, there is no word on when will Aakash 2 reach the retail shelves. Aakash tablets already have a bad image when it comes to delivery and service quality of their tablets, a part being a government product after all. 

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