Acer launches Veriton PC

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Acer launches Veriton PC

Acer Veriton is very widely accepted line of personal computers from Acer. The series consists of many different computers that can satisfy the needs of both home users and professionals. Veriton computers come in different configurations, specifications and dimensions so that the appropriate one can be selected for the job.

The Acer Z620G is an all in one pc in the sense that all the components of a personal computer including the central processing unit, speakers, disc drives and monitor are all incorporated into a single unit. This can be particularly useful in business environments where space is an important factor. Integrating all this components into a single unit can result in very efficient utilization of space. This makes the Acer Veriton Z620G very ideal for business enterprises.

Veriton is available in a black and silver color combination. It has a 20 inch wide LED screen. The use of a LED screen instead of a LCD is certainly welcome, since it offers more aspect ratio, larger viewing angles and also sharp and high quality images. It also ensures a more efficient utilization of power .The screen resolution is of 1600x900 pixels. It runs on a 2.5 GHz Intel core i5 processor. The reliability and efficiency of Intel i series processors are very widely known. It has 4GB random access memory of DDR3 type. There is an option of increasing it up to 8 GB.

The device has an internal hard disk of 500GB.This is enough space for storing all the office related documents when it comes to business and for storing enough pictures, films and music for home users .The presence of a NVIDIA Ge-Force GT520M graphics card makes it a powerful multimedia device. This powerful graphics card ensures that high graphics games will be a piece of cake for the device.

The speakers are built into the device and it offers Dolby sound. There is also a webcam provided in the front. The integrated microphone combined with the webcam ensures trouble free video chatting. The device runs on Windows7 professional operating system. The efficiency of the Windows7 operating system combined with the very powerful Intel i5 processor takes away most of the hassles involved in business applications. Microsoft extends windows 7 professionals support to up to 2020 so no need to consider upgrading the operating system any time soon.

The device has 6 USB ports. In it two of them are USB 4.0 ports and the rest are USB 2.0 ports. There is also an optical drive that takes in DVD’s and CD’s and even multi layered DVD’s. Acer comes pre packed with the Acer pro shield data guarding technology .It offers a virtual file shredder and an encrypted hidden drive. If the computer has been corrupted by virus, no need to worry since there is a one touch recovery button that restores the computer to original factory settings or to the latest system back up point.

All this features in Acer comes at an amazing price of around Rs.40,000 in India. It sure is a steal considering all the gadgetry that they have put into the device.

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