Acer Travel Mate 8481G Review

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Acer Travel Mate 8481G Review
Acer has established a band name for itself as one of those manufacturers capable of producing high quality products at a relatively affordable price. The latest product to be launched in the consumer electronics market based computer industry is Acer Travel Mate 8481G which is considered to be a laptop especially designed for the business and professional people. The laptop has a lot of user friendly features and security features being implemented in it.

The design of Acer Travel Mate 8481G is very attractive and stunning with its relatively cute and slim looks. With 14 inch display screen and a screen resolution of 1366*768 pixels, the laptop is pretty comfortable to use. The body panel is sunlight resistant with its matte finish and the laptop arrives with a decent colour too. The laptop also won't get warm even if you use it for a long time and that can be regarded as one of the advantages of this laptop. The laptop has a weight of an aggregate of 1.6 kg which is not that heavy compared to other laptop contenders in the market. It also comes with a thickness of 25 mm.

As far as the specifications of Acer Travel Mate 8481G is concerned, the product makes use of 4 GB of RAM. The maximum capacity of the solid state drive is 120 GB which is a very good configuration which enables for the smooth completion of business asks and that itself is the prime aim of Acer, that is to target the business and professional community. Other feature that makes this product extremely professional is its security features. The laptop comes with a fingerprint reader that enhances user authentication. It also comes with a trusted platform especially designed for user privacy.

Acer Travel Mate 8481G also makes use of four USB ports. It also comes with an HDMI port also. Other connectivity features includes Bluetooth as well as WiFi connectivity besides USB. Additional features implemented in this laptop include a web cam as well as headphones and microphones port. The product also comes with an in built Gigabit Ethernet also. Travel Mate also makes use of an efficient 44 Watt-Hour battery that has the capability to last an approximate of a whopping 4 hours which is pretty decent performance from a user's point of view.

The price in India of Acer Travel Mate 8481G is around Rs 90,000. Taking into consideration its cutting edge security features, the laptop is worth the money.

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