Adobe Photoshop to withdraw its support for Windows XP computers

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Adobe Photoshop to withdraw its support for Windows XP computers

Adobe has sprung a surprise and it is bad news for those looking for enjoying the Adobe Photoshop benefits in Windows XP computers. The company announced that it will not be supporting Windows XP from their next major releases onwards. The company blames it to the aging operating system’s incompatibility with the new features and improvements of Adobe Photoshop software. Adobe has announced Adobe Photoshop CS6 version to be the last to support Windows XP operating system. 

Reports suggest that Adobe’s decision to withdraw the support for Windows XP came in the context that the new features of Adobe suite like enhanced 3D and lighting effects are not compatible with the older versions of the Windows operating systems such as XP and Vista. It also has to be taken note about the incompatibility of Adobe Photoshop CS6 with Windows Vista operating system. 

The latest developments from Adobe underlines the fact that users will have to either update their Windows XP OS to Windows 7 or will have to wait for the release of the latest operating system from Microsoft to get the continued Photoshop support. The company has also announced the unavailability of Creative Cloud Updates with the Windows XP operating system. 

So if you are a user looking for enjoying the 3D effects, Blur Gallery and Lighting effect features, then waste no time in updating the operating system to the latest Windows operating system. Windows XP was released 11 years ago and it still has the reputation of being the second most popular operating system after Windows 7. Windows 7 only recently surpassed Windows XP to become the most popular Windows operating system.

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