Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tablet specifications preview

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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tablet specifications preview

Tablet fans can look forward to a new upcoming tablet Kindle Fire 2. We have seen some rumors concerning the new tablet. The latest news is that the improved version of the already out Kindle fire tablet and also the new Kindle Fire 2 will be featuring a metal casing. Let us quickly browse through these interesting pieces of information emerging on this popular ebook reader cum tablet model.

Amazon is introducing this new version inspired by the success of its earlier tablet. Kindle Fire 2 will be featuring better integrated lighting and also more improvement on the hardware side. No information concerning the processor model and also the technical details are clear as of now. The most interesting factor will be its affordable price tag which was a compelling factor when the first version was out in the market. The earlier version was rated even as ‘iPad Killer' and we can expect the same for this new tablet, as well.

Amazon has discussed about two tablets, a 7 inch and a 10 inch tablet. This Kindle Fire 2 tablets will be out with a shiny appearance and gives the feel of a decent tablet. The tablets are thinner and the appearance is quite similar with the Apple iPad without the inclusion of any buttons on the front side. The 10 inch version will come with a front facing camera as per the reports. Both tablets will be featuring micro USB ports for efficient data transfer and may be having HDMI ports, as well.

The 10 inch version dubbed "Hollywood” will have a quad core processor and the 7 inch version will be powered by a dual-core processor. The 7 inch tablet has a 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. There are no details available on connectivity options as of now on these tablets.

The Kindle Fire 2 tablet will reach the market most probably by the end of July. We can wait a little bit to make clear about the pricing information of these new tablets from Amazon. We can expect the price tag to be somewhere around Rs. 10,000/-. 

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