Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet Tops the Best Seller List on Amazon store

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet Tops the Best Seller List on Amazon store

Amazon seems to be preparing to thwart competition from the new Apple iPad Mini in the 7 inch tablet segment. They have announced that their new Kindle Fire HD tablet has become the top selling device in Amazon store displacing their old Kindle Fire tablet model. The company official press note stated “Kindle Fire has been the bestselling product across since the launch of the original Kindle Fire last fall”. This mini high definition tablet is priced at $199 (approx Rs 10,000). 

Amazon has also confirmed that they are bringing the updates to the tablet as promised including the much awaited FreeTime feature. These updates would be made available via OTA mode. This feature would bring more parental control limiting kids’s access to selected content on the tablet and also on the duration and purpose of their access. 

Parents can pre-define what content kids can see and how long kids can use them. With this feature parents can also track what their kids are doing on this tablet. It may be recalled that this feature was demonstrated when this product was show cased. However, this feature was missing till date. The OTA update which will be rolled out soon will also have some bug fixes and some additional performance fine tuning elements. 

It is clear that Amazon is trying to keep its market share intact with these updates, but it remains to be seen how long their Kindle Fire tablet model can maintain this top selling position with Apple iPad Mini coming into the market.

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