Amazon Kindle Fire HD: Users Can Now Opt Out of Ads

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD: Users Can Now Opt Out of Ads

In a previous announcement Amazon had made it clear that its flagship Kindle Fire tablet will ship with built in ads with no option to pay for an ad-free variant. The major online retailer also affirmed the inability to switch off the ‘ Special Offers’ service which came bundled with the 2012 Kindle Fire range. However, the brainstorming sessions seems to have made an impact on Amazon’s stand. In a recent development, the Kindle Fires creator has announced that an option to remove ads is being introduced with the new products. 

Promotional materials which are usually displayed, while using the device could be avoided by paying an extra $15 (approximately Rs. 850). According to the reports, Amazon received complaints from a lot of users who pre-ordered the devices regarding the inclusion of ads. Amazon did try to justify this move by saying that the inclusion of ads made it possible to keep the price range of the device down to $159-$599 (Rs 8,800 – 33,200). Amazon is currently offering $20 (approximately Rs. 1,100) discounts to those who are ready to put up with occasional advertisements. 

An Amazon representative was quoted saying, “We know from our Kindle reader line that customers love our special offers and very few people choose to opt out; We are happy to offer customers the choice.”This new announcement has been received with mixed reactions. 

Amazon has released two variants for its 2012 Kindle Fire range. The two new devices were unveiled in a high profile event, last week in California. The lower price tag of the device has made it a powerful competitor to the likes of Google Nexus and iPad Mini.

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