AMD Fusion Powered Notebooks Launched In India

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AMD Fusion Powered Notebooks Launched In India
Revolutionized entry level notebooks with superior graphics and cutting edge technology will now become a common sight in the markets. AMD after their successful endeavour of revolutionizing the notebooks is now all set to redefine the laptops with their newly developed AMD Fusion chipsets.

Two among the most respected manufacturers of high performance laptops, Toshiba and Lenovo already released their first AMD Fusion Llano (A series) platform based laptops. The Fusion enabled new notebooks usually have greater graphics quality and are also available at affordable prices. The E-series notebooks released at the beginning of this year is still capable of playing, to date; full HD videos streaming on YouTube. The notebooks had a price tag of Rs 18,000 then. The notebooks built in with Intel atom processors find it difficult to play even plain HD videos and they used to have price tags with prices almost near to the E-series notebooks. So the new AMD Fusion Enabled laptops certainly will have its advantage over the other laptops in the line.

It was just a week ago when Toshiba introduced three new laptop models starting at a price of Rs 24,750.The most advanced and highly appreciated new notebook model amongst them was the L775D-S7226 which was equipped with a 17.3 inch screen display of 1600 X 900 pixel resolutions and added to the surprise it was priced at Rs 27,000 only. Lenovo has come forward, introducing its first A series processor notebooks last week. Two models were introduced, one with a 15.6 inch display and other with a 14 inch screen size, each costing about Rs.24,750. The earlier AMD chipset enabled laptops showed quality performance in graphics and high definition video playing. Now, with the new AMD Fusion, the laptops will become more compatible for Gaming. With the Fusion enabled laptops, games that would require heavy graphic support can now be installed and played without disrupted frame transitions. New games that would be launched in the very future will also supposedly have a smooth run in such laptops. But it also has it drawback. Since the majority of the processor speed is dedicated to the graphic support, the applications like video editing software will have a slow run in the laptops. But it won't be a problem now since similar video editing applications with such heavy processor requirements are just a minority.

The power management unit gets a maximum advantage with the chips consuming to about only a 35watts (Llano A Series) and word is that it will be soon reduced to a 5watts in future products and that definitely will be the highlighted feature of gadgets with new AMD Fusion power.

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