AMD Officially Launches Dual Core Desktops

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AMD Officially Launches Dual Core Desktops
Dual core laptops from AMD are soon to hit the stores with AMD already announcing it officially, the launch of its latest Llano APUs, the AMD A4-3400 and AMD A4-3300. Both the desktops are entry level configured gadgets with comparatively poor performances in graphical side of the unit. It's an HD Radeon 6410D powered. But they have a 65W TDP rating and very low price. This would be the only satisfying part for someone who would intend to go for an AMD A4-3400 and an A4-3300.

While analyzing the specification of the units, it can be found that both the units own the same Radeon HD processors with 160 stream units assisted by a 65W TDP rating and a 1MB of L2 cache and firm support for DDR3- 1600 memory. Both the unit features a Dual graphics utility but an AMD Turbo CORE support is a thumps down. The CPU in the system is ticking at a speed of 2.7 GHz for the AMD A4-3400 and for AMD A4-3300, it's a 2.5GHz CPU speed and a 443MHz rated GPU.

Looking further at the architecture of the newest design, we will realize that it's aK10 Micro architecture with a Lynx platform. It's a 64 bit data with its dual core. The floating point unit is integrated in the desktop. The level one cache size is listed as a 2 X 64 kb 2- way associative instruction caches, and a 2 X 64 kb 2 - way associative data caches. The level 2 cache is meanwhile 2 x 512 kb 16 way associative caches. The included features are MMX, 3D Now, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4a, AMD 64 technology, AMD-V (virtualization) technology and an enhanced virus protection.

The power management is made excellent in the AMD A4-3400 with the pre loaded Power Now feature. It ensures maximum power saving while running the machine. On chip peripherals in the system includes a Dual channel DDR3 memory controller followed by a PCI Express 2.0 and even a HD graphics controller.

AMD AD3400JZ22GX has its major high lighted attribute, an Integrated Radeon HD 6410D GPU running at a 600 MHz and consists of 160 units.

The units are tagged at extremely low prices as mentioned earlier. In US, they intend to sell the AMD A4-3400 at just $75 which is around 3,478 price in India and for the AMD A4-3300; it's just a $70, RS 3,246 price in India.

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