AMD's New budget friendly laptops ultrathins to compete with ultrabooks

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AMD's New budget friendly laptops ultrathins to compete with ultrabooks

The newest trend in laptop sector is to make the device as thin and compact as possible. The small and light weight laptops will give the user ease of carrying it around and makes this a very good gadget for taking it along on long trips.

AMD has plans to introduce super compact and affordable laptops this year. AMD calls these new devices Ultrathins instead of the Ultrabook branding, in order to avoid conflicts with Intel. The company has showcased many laptops which run on the Trinity processor during the Consumer electronics show. The Ultrathin machines may also run on the same processor.

One other welcoming fact other than the laptops becoming super compact is that they will also become affordable. At present Intel processor powered Ultrabooks has a price tag of around Rs. 40,000/-. With the advent of new processors AMD aim to put their devices on sale with a price tag of about Rs. 30,000/-.

That is some serious difference in price and the company expects this to pull in more prospective buyers. There are also rumored news that Intel is planning to reduce the entry level price of Ultrabooks by about Rs. 5000/-. If that is the case then the tech world can sure see some serious completion between the ultrabooks and the Ultrathins.

The Trinity chip which is going to power the device will consist of a central processing unit and graphics processing unit integrated into a single physical structure. The CPU will be Bulldozer core type, which is for the time being named as Piledriver. The GPU on the other hand is made leveraging southern island architecture put forward by AMD which grabbed the spot light when it was featured in Radeon HD 7970.

The company will be launching two series of processor chips. The first will be the very low power consuming 17 W chips that are going to power the Ultrathins and the next series will consist of regular 35 W chips those will power standard laptops. The low power chips will have good performance specs and is almost the same as that of AMD’s Llano A-series chip which consumes almost double the power.

The new processors CPU is said to be 25 % faster and the GPU about 50% faster. These chips are still in the manufacturing phase and may undergo some more change before it is launched. The releasing date of the same is not known as for now but more details can be expected during the coming months.

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