Apple Currently Offering New Macbooks for Older Ones with Rs 20,000 Off

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Apple, on a worldwide scale, has done some pretty impressive job of making its devices one of the most sought after alongside the devices from Android. However, its Indian adventure, on a similar note, hasn't been that worthwhile.

However, the company is not losing faith and has now decided to offer its new Macbooks in exchange for the older ones with a price cut that might come as music to ears of anyone looking to upgrade their systems.

Apple Offering New Macbooks for Older Ones with Rs 20,000 Off

Today, a leading news daily carried a front-page advertisement that tells people to exchange their older Macbook for a brand new one, alongside a discount for the same of a minimum of Rs 20,000.

As the new advertisement mentions, users now have the option to exchange their older Macs with any of the retailers who have been listed in the advertisement for getting a new Mac.

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The advertisement adds that up to 2 year old Mac will fetch users as much as Rs 40,000 as the buyback value. Apparently, a Mac that's a little over a couple of years old can be exchanged for a resale value that's up to an impressive Rs 30,000, while a 3-4 year old Mac can also go through the same procedure for a resale value of Rs 25,000.

Apart from the Macbooks, the advertisement also states that the buyback offers are also live separately for laptops belonging to other brands as well. But as far as the Macbook offer is concerned, it is valid only for a limited period of time, although a specific date or time frame hasn't been mentioned.

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As of now, the exchange offer is available across Mumbai via noted Apple resellers like Aptronix and Nyasa, large format resellers like Vijay Sales and Croma, and authorized resellers like Snehanjali.

It is also to be noted here that the offer is not valid for Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro range of devices, and that users can exchange only up to 4 year old working Macs.

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