New Apple iPad 3 Surfaces

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New Apple iPad 3 Surfaces
iPad 2 revolution seems to be coming to an end with the rise of Apple iPad 3. Apple iPad 3 supposedly has a modification in the battery specifications. It's said to be equipped with a power packed new battery which will certainly improve the already long service life of the iPad devices. The battery is known to be lighter than that in the previous versions and has more efficiency and capacity. Taiwan Economic News got some information on the new battery packs of iPad 3. Simplo Technology Co. and Dynapack International Technology Corp have been reportedly assigned to develop the new batteries and provide them.

The new battery will not only be lighter but also thinner and longer. So it sure would make a big difference in the service life of Apple iPad 3. Obviously, these batteries come with a price, literally. They cost more. The price of the new batteries will increase by 20 - 30%. You might have heard rumours about a new Retina Display feature in iPad 3. Speculations are there that the new battery packs are developed to serve that purpose primarily. There have been hard facts that Apple really is intending to include a Retina Display. The new iPad 3 was to appear for sale in the late months of 2011. But if there is going to be a Retina Display, iPad 3 isn't going to surface anytime soon, but not sooner than mid 2012 of course......hopefully.

Reportedly, the battery packs will take more time to develop and will come up only after August of 2012. A retina display will of course move Apple iPad 3 to the top of your gadget list. One thing that the gadget buffs always complain about, since the launch of Apple's first iPad, is its lack of memory expandability. The latest iPad offers a 64 GB model which satisfies many users for now at least. But if Apple doesn't come up with a solution in the iPad 3, then users have other choices rather than an Apple iPad 3. Another issue is the HDMI compatibility. iPad 2 required an AV adapter for HDMI support. The adapter is priced at about Rs 2,000/- in India. It would be really awesome if we didn't get to spend more green upgrading the iPad just to be able to get the HDMI support. Let's just hope iPad3 will be different. iPad2 had front and rear cameras. Hope iPad3 will also be equipped with the same, if not better. iPad 3 might have a price in India at around Rs 40,000/-.

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