Apple iPad Grabs Best Tablet Crown With Strong Battery Life

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The apple iPads emerged winner in the recently conducted battery life tests. The electronics endurance test measured the battery life of the gadgets. The full-sized iPad became the winner by an 811-minute score, leaving behind other gadgets.

The tablets were segregated according to their screen size and tested in lab conditions. The battery consumption of the gadgets was tested with a screen brightness of 200 nits. The screen brightness was measured and adjusted accordingly, using a light meter. The battery back-up was tested while browsing the web and watching videos on Wi-Fi.

Apple iPad Grabs Best Tablet Crown With Strong Battery Life

The formidable winners:

In the 10-inch display department, Apple's iPad with retina display took the 1st place with 811-minutes back-up. It was followed by iPad2 by 590 minutes. The third place and fourth places were bagged by Xperia Tablet S and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 with 534 and 532 minutes. The fifth place went to Microsoft RT with 501 minutes battery time.

The best 7-inch tablet was iPad-mini with 783 minutes. Right behind the iPad-mini was Amazon kindle Fire HD with a score of 591 minutes, then Nexus by 550 minutes, followed by Amazon Kindle Fire with 437 minutes and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 27.0 with 425 minutes.

One of the devices which showed a relatively poor performance was the Google Nexus 10 with just 488 minutes of battery life in the 10-inch department. Now you can certainly make a better choice with the iPads. Have an apple any day!

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