Apple is the Number 1 Mobile PC maker in the world

Posted By: Rahul

Apple is the Number 1 Mobile PC maker in the world

The world's leading I.T. Major, Apple has emerged as the best Mobile PC manufacturer due to it's iPads according to a new survey. This stems from the fact that Apple sold a record number of iPads, more than any other competitor.

Apple's iPads were a super-hit among the people in spite of having a high price tag. The features that the iPads provide proved to be the major factor in Apple emerging as the winner. The survey also states that in spite of the i Phone's (Apple's own product) popularity, the iPads could find a place of their own. 18.7 million units of iPads were reportedly shipped during the survey period.

HP which shipped around 8.7 million units came in second behind Apple followed by Dell, Acer & Lenovo. The Amazon Kindle Fire also found it's place among the people during the time of the survey. Amazon reported that it is selling approximately 2 million units per week & on holidays as well. The Kindle Fire tablets were preferred more by the e-readers.

All in all we can say that Apple is the King when it comes to tablet computers & the above survey is a reflection of what Apple has achieved & what it is capable of achieving. Do reply with your opinion in our comment section below.


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