Apple New iPad has a heatup problem?

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Apple New iPad has a heatup problem?
According to reports, the Apple new iPad has a heat problem. This issue was observed in the previous versions of iPads. But it has reportedly resurfaced in the new iPad. The processor inside the gadget gets heated up fast and requires a lot of time to cool down since it doesn't have a fan.

The Tablet PC also dissipates a lot of heat, some people have reportedly observed. Users have also reported to receiving a message which states “ iPad needs to cool down”.

Apple's earlier portable computers, the iPad & the iPad 2 also had heating issues. People say that there were also “cool down” messages seen in the iPad 2. But experts say that users tend to get confused when they observe such messages. This should not be considered as one of the problems in new gadgets such as the iPad.

Apple New iPad has a heatup problem?

A representative at an Apple store said that the new iPad does get warmer than it's predecessor. This is due to the battery said the representative.  The operating temperature of the iPads are between 32 to 95 degree Fahrenheit according to the product catalogue.

Apple authorities were unavailable for comment.

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