Asus introduces Android HoneyComb OS based MeMO 171, 7 inch tablet

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Asus introduces  Android HoneyComb OS  based  MeMO 171, 7 inch tablet

Asus offered quite a number of devices during the Consumer electronics show. The main focus of the company was on tablets. One very interesting device in their line-up of gadgets is Asus MeMO 171 tablet.

This is a small 7 inch tablet that currently runs on Android Honeycomb operating system.

Features and specifications of Asus MeMO171:

  • Android HoneyComb operating system

  • 7 inch screen size

  • Up to 178 degree viewing angle

  • Dual core processor

  • Processor clocked at 1.2 GHz

  • 1 GB RAM

  • Dual cameras

  • 16 GB internal memory

This tablet is very thin and as much compact as a tablet can get. This increases the overall ease of use. It also features a very good ergonomic design that enables the user to use the device holding it in the palms for prolonged periods of time. The front portion consists of the screen and the video calling camera.

The overall black colour scheme is enhanced with the presence of silver highlights. A silver band runs around the bottom of the device and it adds to the overall visual appeal. The back side of the tablet is almost plain except for the camera kept at the top and the Asus logo kept just below it.

The tablet is powered by a 1.2 GHz processor and it is backed up by the presence of 1 GB of RAM. This specs show that it is quite a powerful device. The tablet won’t have much trouble doing processor intensive and media centric applications. The RAM is low power DDr2 type, there by increasing the battery life of the device.

The IPS+ panel enriched screen offers some very impressive colours and picture quality. Texts and images in the tablet appear very crisp and clear. With 178 degree viewing angle, you can be sure that you won’t miss even a single detail at the extremes of the viewing angle. The display can be considered as one of the most top notch ones to be put in a tablet. The touch response is also very good.

Asus MeMo 171 price tag is not known as for now. But if the company can launch the tablet with a considerable price then it would impose some serious competition to other tablets in the market as well as attract many prospective buyers. This tablet is said to be destined for Europe and the release dates on other parts of the world is not known now.

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