Asus laptop with Kinect integrated for Windows lovers


Asus laptop with Kinect integrated for Windows lovers


Microsoft had its plans that would most probably lead to the availability of a motion-sensor based Kinect peripheral to the computers based on windows and now the news is that they are improvising it.

They now think of making it available to the laptops too. That won’t be anything bad with the utility, as it definitely seems to have more use in the portablecomputer.

The Kinect technology, according to sources, has already been tested on ASUS windows 8 prototypes models and the results according to them turned out to be real good. However, there is nothing to support the information and that means not even any leaked image of the prototypes.

Still they have their claim that the ASUS net books that run on Windows 8 will be having a series of sensors that will be found at the place where normally a webcam is found. At the bottom to it, according to them is what it appears to be a series of LEDs. What makes it much more like a fantasy is the news that Microsoft has personally assured them that the new laptops will be a highly reliable device based on a Windows 8.

Now what comes to mind first of all is, who’s got a problem with the conventional usage of laptops that’s soon about to come under the tile, “the good old days”, with its memories of people using the key board for menu navigation and gaming which will be replaced by the very sight of people waving their hands at the sensors for the very same purposes. But if Microsoft has plans, that’s definitely going to be mind blowing as it has always been and any new improvement in the user experience is a pleasant news indeed.


The Kinect utility and the bundled software of the same is available already for the PCs all over the world to be transformed and to be equipped with an integrated technology and thus change the conventional methods of user interaction with the computers. One of its most acclaimed features includes its improved security features with which the user shall be logged into the system only after verifying a customizable voice and facial recognition.

Well all of these would be followed by the launch of windows 8 which definitely in time will tell us the very future of the technology based on them. Testing so far revealed that the technology is draining too much of the unit’s power and its introduction to laptops can seem a bit itchy with the utility draining all its juice that is undesirable for any laptops.

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