Blackberry Playbook 2.0 OS for launch in MWC 2012

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Blackberry Playbook 2.0 OS for launch in MWC 2012

If we consider the sales history of BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 we won’t find any impressive figures. RIM even has to curtail down the price of the PlayBook 2.0 in order to boost the sales. But even then the expected sales figures couldn’t be achieved. But all this setbacks have not stopped RIM from developing a new version of PlayBook. The company has been working on a new and improved version of the tablet for quite some time now.

The exact release date of the device is not yet known. The expectation is that it will come with the new PlayBook operating system. This new OS is rumoured to be come out during the Mobile world congress which will be held in Barcelona in this month itself. The operating system is said to have undergone a complete overhaul and will now feature some very amazing features and functionalities.

The most notable feature of the new and improved operating system is that it can run android applications without any software tweaks. This gives the user access and freedom to run the thousands of android applications that are already available in net. Every day more and more android applications are being added in the online android portals. These applications range from basic entertainment and multimedia contents to high end games and business centric software’s.

The other notable add on in this software is the support for BlackBerry Bridge. This gives the device some very neat and useful remote control functionality that can come handy in many situations. The whole update will have a size of about 400MB.

In the long run BlackBerry will be aiming for a 4G enabled device. BlackBerry’s senior brand manager Jeff Gadway has said that PlayBook OS 2.0 is a way to getting to their 4G destination. This arise the possibility that the new Playbook 2.0 can be a 4G device. Also Jeff Gadway might be simply referring to the company’s future plans of bringing out such a device.

What BlackBerry has in store for us is yet to be found out. But the hopes are high and the tech world expects a cutting edge PlayBook in the near future itself. If RIM is able to roll out a device that has some good specs and functionalities and also manages to keep the cost within the affordable range then they can regain their good sales figures which they were not able to do with the old PlayBook model.


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