New Canova Dual Screen LCD Laptop

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New Canova Dual Screen LCD Laptop
It's actually a virtual note book with words and moving pictures on the pages unlike an ordinary book. Turn on the virtual keyboard and it's a laptop. The innovative concept of a dual screen laptop was introduced four years ago and it was exciting and made one actually wonder about the possible chances of an entire new style of mobile computing.

The concept came into physical existence by the continuous effort of the Italian Valerio Committee, the founder and managing director of the company that brought out the first dual screen laptop, in association with V12 Design, a respected name in the design industry. The dual LCD screen new laptops were nick named as Canova.

The story comes to the centre of discussions again with the very new news that the second generation Canova is ready to be unleashed. The first version Canova sported a dual touch screen form and had a sketch pad, or a writing pad with an electronic pen. When asked about the newer version, the company officials didn't revealed much about the interface but mentioned that its manufacturing was done with US collaboration design which means its going to a new stylish Canova.

Talking about the keyboard, the old laptop had a software keyboard that would appear on the screen .This was reported to be less comfortable than the traditional key board and was a complete failure in impressing the users. The new version will solve this complaint with some advanced features and will make it more comfortable to work with it. The new laptop will be made highly portable with some extreme attributes like a multi touch unit. The laptop also features microphone utilities as that in any other ordinary net books and popular dual touch screen notebooks.

With the new Canova 2, it will become much easier to read eBooks and the most amazing feature is that it's just like turning over pages in a real notebook or a news paper. The unit has an impressive power management technology and it's very fluid to work on. The system speed is brilliant and the display resolution is reportedly a 1280 X 1024 pixels. The unit is generous when it comes to memory storage. The sketching options are much refined in the new laptop. The Photoshop kind of design and image editor embedded in the unit is featured with a rich collection of tools and brushes in the home page itself. The unit will very soon have a grand release with the price in India details revealed along with it.

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