Chinon launches 2 affordable Android tablets

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Chinon launches 2 affordable Android tablets

Chinon is all set to launch two Android tablets which are of 7 and 10 inches each. They are named as Chinon swift 7 and Chinon swift 10. The Chinon 10 is featured with a 10 inch screen. These tablets are designed to provide outstanding technologies that go beyond the expectations with moderate price tags.

A huge population of consumers is being under served by the manufactures. Most of the manufacturers price their tablets more than Rs. 30,000/-. The consumers those who are very much conscious about the price are being targeted by Chinon.

The President of Chinon says that there is no specific reason why the consumers those who are eager to experience the tablets are being priced out of the bazaar. The Chinon thus concentrates on the price conscious consumers with their low priced swift Android tablets. Due to the enhanced design and the civilizing Android operating system the swift tablets are featured with low prices with no compromise in performance aspect of the tablets.

Features of Swift 7 inch and Swift 10 inch tablets by Chinon:

  • Super-fast 802.11n Wi-Fi

  • Enhanced battery Life

  • 4 GB internal memory for Swift 7

  • 16 GB internal memory for Swift 10

  • The memory can be expanded using micro SD card

  • Swift 10 offers a display resolution of 1024x768

  • ARM Cortex®-A8 Core 1.2GHz processor

  • Super-bright multi-touch LCD display

  • Can accommodate digital photography, A4-size PDFs and eBooks

  • Highly capable of playing intense 3D games

  • Swift 7 display has a resolution of about 800x600 pixels

  • Enables full screen rotation with the help of Gyro sensors

The price tag of the Chinon Swift 7 inches is around Rs.8000/- where as the 10 inch Swift has been tagged with a price of around Rs. 14000/-. As both the tablets are light in weight, it enables the user with the freedom to carry it anywhere. The user can easily explore the web as well as the Android application ecosystem with these swift tablets. Both of these tablets are equipped with super fast WiFi which enables the user to take it to any places. The battery can work continuously for about five hours even in the case of multitasking. It also comes with a rugged aluminium case for handling it comfortably during travelling.


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