Coming Soon! Kids' Android Tablets; kids get ready to roll

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Coming Soon! Kids' Android Tablets; kids get ready to roll

The tablet industry is becoming very popular and widely accepted nowadays. As more than a simple to carry around business and entertainment gadget, the tablet computer is opening new worlds of possibilities. To use the tablet as a means of learning is quite a fantastic idea.

Kids love electronic gadgets. You let your toddler play around the house freely and soon you will find him/her fumbling with the laptop or smart phone or any other things they can get their hands on. Kids as young as five years old are found to use laptops and computers with as much ease as that of an adult. So what if a tablet pc is launched that is especially made for the kids? You can make sure that they would be strapped on to it. Throw in a lot of learning applications also into it and you get a learning and entertainment combo from a single device.

Toys R Us did just that by introducing Nabi a tablet intended mainly for kids. This is not the first tablet for kids but so far this is a very much advanced tablet compared to other ones. Nabi is an android powered tablet that works on android operating system. Toys R Us has also joined hands with the application developing company, FUHU, and is planning to launch a whole new array of education applications that can aid the kids learning.

Nabi’s spec list can surely make the parents confused and some other android owners want to upgrade their tablet very quickly. The device has a 7 inch screen that has a resolution 800 x 480.The device can even play back videos with 1080p resolution. The screen is capacitive touch screen type but don’t be worried the screen is specially designed for those young fingers which won’t be too soft on the screen. The tablet is wrapped up in an ultra protective case so even if the kid drags it around the house parents can have a peace of mind and be sure that nothing would happen to the tablet.

It is powered by a dual core cortex A9 processor with PowerVR SGX530 GPU. The device has a clock speed of 533Mhz.This processor is fit enough to be put into a mid level tablet oriented for business. A front facing camera is also integrated in to the device. This enables the kids to take self portraits or even have a video chat with their parents or friends. 4 GB of internal storage memory is provided so that he/she can store his music collection or pictures. The 3000mAh battery in it can provide up to 5 hours of non-stop usage therefore there is enough juice in the device to see a whole movie or a couple of cartoons and this sure will keep them entertained irrespective of the fact that they are at home or having a long trip. The tablet also has Wi-Fi support.

The Nabi application store preloaded in the device lets your child browse through over 500 applications designed for kids and download the necessary ones. Fooz Kids university application is also preloaded in the device which can help your kid to solve over 22,000 types of Maths problems. Happy news for the parents is that they can make use of the full power of Nabi by entering the parent mode by means of a password. This will give them an unrestricted experience of the power of Nabi tablet. There is no information available on the price of the product at this point of time.

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