'Keyboard for Blondes', Funny Friendly Keyboard

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'Keyboard for Blondes', Funny Friendly Keyboard
A new and attractive keyboard called the 'Keyboard for Blondes' has been developed. Its a fascinating one in bubblegum pink with varied new user friendly features or rather funny features.

'Keyboard for Blondes' features keys with 'Smart Blonde Button' and 'Somewhat Useless Key', written on them.

Boring key strokes like the space bar that one mechanically hit, comes up with a funny title like "I need my space" bar. Most frequently used texts like OMG," "LOL" or "ZZZD," which is girl-speak for boring date, find place as keys in this keyboard. This could be the most striking aspect.

The number keys are musical when tapped, exclaims 'oops' when one hits the back space. 'Keyboard for Blondes' priced at 50 dollars makes a clinking sound when the dollar key is hit.

"It's pink? That's great," the New York Daily News quoted blonde Samantha Dubin, 34, as saying wryly.

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