Dell cheap tablets all set for release in India

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Dell cheap tablets all set for release in India

One of the leading I.T. Companies in the world, Dell is all set to release it's own tablet computer. This move is reportedly to rival Apple's new iPad. The tablet is said to be one of Dell's most ambitious ventures.

This tablet is all set to rival the cheap tablets in India. According to Dell, the gadget is going to be feature-filled to the core. Even corporates can make effective use of the tablet. Since iPads are expensive, the Dell tablets are going to be the most preferred among people, say sources.

Since low cost computers are the in thing this season, this gadget is even going to benefit the economy conscious people.

Another intriguing feature of this tablet is going to be Windows 8. Yes, Windows 8 is the expected operating system. This also adds to the feature-filled nature of the gadget. Sources also state that Dell will take some more time to launch the PC. But when it is launched, people will surely enjoy using it more than the iPad.

One feature that is confirmed at this stage is the touchscreen interface. This makes it easy for the users to interact effectively. Thus, we can say that the war is heating up in the tablet computer segment.

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