Dell Latitude E6220 compact laptops

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Dell Latitude E6220 compact laptops

n one sentence, Dell Latitude E6220 is a very small and sturdy laptop that is perfect for corporate use. It may not look good in the first sight but once you get a feel of it the device can work wonders.

Features and specifications of Dell Latitude E6220:

  • 12.5 inch display

  • Intel core i5-2540 processor or i7-2630M processor

  • 4-8GB system memory

  • Integrated HD 3000 graphics processing unit

  • 1080p video playback

  • Internal battery lasts to about 7 hours 30 minutes

  • Optional bottom mounted battery

  • Weight: 1.7 kg

  • Windows 7 operating system

  • eSATA/USB combo port

  • USB 2.0 ports

  • HDMI port

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • Bluetooth

  • Express card slot for legacy devices

  • Webcam

  • Head phone jack

When you see this laptop for the first time its size will confuse you. It is smaller than a netbook. This will make you think that the performance figures are not up to the mark, but then you are wrong. This small device packs in enough punch to take on its bigger sibling, a regular sized laptop. The laptop comes in a dual tone finish and the color combination looks amazing. It is not breath taking or anything but has a very welcome look .The keyboard even though has a small foot print, has keys that are sufficiently spaced apart. A few minutes of use and you are all set to type pages of journals. The keyboard has a nice subtle bounce that makes typing very interesting and comfortable.

The battery backup is sufficiently good, but if you want you can more than double it by the addition of the bottom mounted battery. It can give you about 20 hours of battery backup but with the small disadvantage off additional size and weight. The solid state drive can also swapped for a 256 GB one if you are ready to shed out additional cash. Even though the screen is small there is enough screen resolution to enjoy high definition videos. The graphics card can handle 1080 p videos without breaking a sweat.

Dell Latitude E6220 comes with a price tag of about Rs.75,000/- in India.

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