Dell Tablets To Be Powered By Windows 8

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Dell Tablets To Be Powered By Windows 8
Is it that Microsoft is becoming more concern about operating systems for Smartphones and tablets, or it's a strategic approach?

Anyway, soon after the launch of Windows phone 7 Mango operating systems, Microsoft has hit again with Windows 8 operating system for Dell tablets. This shows that Microsoft is all set to compete with android and other major players like android . It was through the website that Michael Dell declared on the company's plan to roll out more Windows 8 based tablets into the market in the coming year. Michael Dell is the chief executive office of Dell. According to officials the latest operating system will enhance the efficiency of the tablets as well as come up with special features.

Windows 8 operating system holds many specialties such as the metro user interface and hardware acceleration which is again considered to enrich the tablet to make it more comfortable for the users. It is expected that the latest devices on Windows 8 operating system will come out from its hood by the beginning of next year.

According to Microsoft there is a drastic decline in the usage of start button and thus, through Windows the company is planning to roll out start screen. More details on the start screen is not available for the time being, but it is obvious that regular users might find it little uncomfortable with this sudden change. The metro interface is the latest technology promoted to enhance the users in pinning applications. This feature has already been made available with the earlier version, Windows 7 for phones.

You might be thinking what exactly the application pinning option is all about???

According to this facility one could pin al the applications you like to in the Live Tiles. This will help you to easily access to any update in the application as will as provide you with notification on this.

For the time being Microsoft has not made any other details on the added advantages, but there is expectations that the company will be keeping some secrets to be raveled later. As far as Dell is concern, the incorporation of Microsoft Windows 8 into its devices is an added benefit. With the specifications and features such as the metro user interface and others Dell will be enhanced to provide a unique experience for the Dell fans across the globe. At present there is no information on the specifications and details on the tablet which will be hosting the operating system for the first time.

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