Dual screen Najmtek U-book laptop

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Dual screen Najmtek U-book laptop

The tech world is eagerly looking forward for the Consumer electronics show which is going to be held at Las Vegas from 9th to 13th of January 2012. All the big manufacturers have started their preparations to introduce some head turning gadgets way back. This is also the perfect venue for new comers to show case their devices and try to grab as much media attention for their products. NajmTek is going to be one such start up company. Their flag ship gadget will be a dual screen laptop and they expect to please the crowds and the tech reviewers in the venue with it.

The device is termed as U-Book. The main factor that distinguishes this laptop from the others will be its second display screen. The second display will be a touch screen that has multi touch capabilities.

Not much of the details about this laptop are available. The second screen may replace the conventional keyboard in a laptop. That is when you open the folded device you will come across two full sized screens and very less control buttons. The main screen will act as the standard display. The secondary display will act as an input device. Using a touch screen instead of a regular keyboard may not be preferred by many users, but with time they may become much acceptable.

There will be different lay outs available for the virtual keyboard. The user may be able to set the lay out, key spacing responsiveness etc of the keyboard. Also since it is a virtual keyboard the user may choose to display a keyboard that displays a different language, may be the regional language, which increases the practicality of the device.

There will be numerous customization options provided along with the virtual keyboard as well. For example if the user wants, a virtual track pad can be displayed in it. It can be set to act in the exact similar way as regular track pad. It can also be set to show a virtual piano or a mixing console. The possibilities are endless. It is this presence of wide customization options that the company intends to use to impress the prospective buyers. The device will run on Windows 7 operating system.

Najmtek U-book laptops price figures as well as other specs are unknown as for now. The users as well as the reviewers will have to wait till January to get their hands on this new piece of gadget.

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