Emporia Telecom new mobile phones will be out soon

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Emporia Telecom new mobile phones will be out soon


The new Emporia telecom mobile phones are aimed for the senior citizens and those individuals who face difficulties with small texts and buttons.

In this era of modernization, the new Emporia telecom mobile phones doesn’t give more emphasize to its external appearances but is specially designed to satisfy the customers’ needs. It doesn’t have any newest external designs; however is the apt model for the elders in the society.

Emporia Telecom also has focused in not including complicated menus and needless options by which the functionality has been made simple and hence extremely apt for the older ones.

The texts and buttons included in these new mobile phones have been made much bigger so that the older generation can clearly view it. Apart from these, they also have included some extra thoughtful components. For those who feel difficulty in hearing it has been provided with compatible hearing aids and extra loud speakers. The display is also set to be of high contrast.

Emporia telecom new mobile phones come in different sizes and also vary in the functionality. Some of the other additional features include


  • Extra powerful rings and speakers

  • Wide display

  • Easy-to-read font

  • An emergency call system with GPS

  • Fall sensors

  • Large keys with raised dots

  • Programmable quick-dial keys

Emporia telecom new mobile phonesare also suitable for the visually impaired ones. For them, raised pressure points on keys and audible click sounds have been provided. An emergency call button is also included which gives an alert sound when more than 5 preset numbers are pressed.

The company has already done numerous extensive researches and usability testing operations to ensure that the product holds first when aged generation is considered. The product was evolved from a series of research targeted on the older people and their needs. 


In additional to all these characteristics, it also has got a wristwatch component which helps the user to get triggered during an emergency call. These new mobile phones of Emporia Telecom are now made available in Europe, and are expected to reach the U.S markets by the early May.


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