Enjoy 3G speed through the Lenovo Thinkpad

Posted By: Rahul

Enjoy 3G speed through the Lenovo Thinkpad

Lenovo Thinkpad is all set to be updated to provide 3G support. Those who were looking for the 3G facility in Lenovo Thinkpad, its time for them to be happy because they can easily access the facility of 3G in Lenovo Thinkpad.

With the latest update this laptop is to be fully equipped to host 3G entertainments and much more. Earlier, when released there was no 3G facility in the tablet even though there was Wi-Fi it. Well, in the current scenario there is no much use of the Wi-Fi if there is no 3G facility. Keeping this in mind the company has considered rolling out the update to the tablets.

According to the sources, Lenovo will be using the Qualcomm’s Gobi 300 platform for this particular purpose. The new platform will make sure that the user will be benefited with worldwide connectivity as well as with other facilities.

It will also ensure that the user will get some better roaming facility. Since, the gadget can be easily connected to GSM and CDMA networks, roaming facility will not be a problem at all. Well, the update will be welcomed widely as it extends the workable area limit for the users. Moreover fast and easy data transfer from one place to another and other business solutions will obviously leverage the usability of Lenovo ThinkPad.

Above all the Gobi 3000 technology will ensure that the gadget can be easily connected and there is no requirement to change the hardware when the users wants to switch to another networks. As far as Lenovo thinkpad is concern, it is brilliant tablets build on the Android operating system which ensure more comfortable, flexibility as well as control on the product.

The product also features high processor support for the OS to deliver high performance and there is also enough storage space in Lenovo thinkpad. The Bluetooth and USB connectivity is there for other data management requirements. Lenovo thinkpad has also good battery management system and it makes sure that the user will be delivered with high performance. Touch screen facility is awesome and will provide far above the ground experience for the users.

However, the latest 3G update is considered as a big achievement for the current as well as upcoming users of Lenovo thinkpad. Now, people can not only avail the facilities such as high performance android platform and brilliant touch facility, they can also have the fastest data management and communication facility with the 3G update.

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